Zero Waste Anti-Aging Cream

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Looking for zero waste? This product is now sold plastic free!
Our day cream has a fresh, clean, invigorating scent. It goes on light and smooth and absorbs quickly, with out a greasy feeling. Perfect for your before make up routine. Excellent at hydrating, encouraging skin cell renewal, & fighting harmful free radicals. Scented with anti aging essential oils rosemary & carrot seed.

Just some of the key ingedients:

Coconut oil: to soften the skin and help to retain moisture.

Bilberry: rich in antioxidants. Research indicates that these little berries are an incredible aid in slowing early aging signs, such as scars and wrinkles.

Ginkgo: for antioxidants, sun damage prevention & sun damage repair.

Green tea: The polyphenols in green tea help neutralize free radicals. This helps to slow wrinkles, sagging, fine lines, & age spots.

Aloe vera: contains beta carotene, vitamin C and E to help the skin stay hydrated and maintain firmness.

Vitamin E: blocks free radicals and helps to nourish and repair scars.

Distilled Water; organic sunflower oil & organic coconut oil infused with Bilberry, calendula, slippery elm, chickweed, green tea, ginkgo leaf, fennel seed, hawthorn berry, marshmallow root, st. johns wort, alflalfa, witch hazel, organic neem leaf; aloe vera juice, organic shea butter, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, organic vegetable glycerin, citric acid, vitamin E, essential oils of: organic rosemary & carrotseed, grapefruit seed extract.

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Note: We always use high quality, natural ingredients but some herbs and oils can cause reactions to those allergic. When trying new products, always do a patch test by applying to a small area of healthy, non-irritated skin(the underside of the wrist is a good place), to check for skin sensitivities. This is especially important if planning to apply to broken or damaged skin.

Disclaimer: this product has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease or ailment.