Moisturizing hand sanitizer in low waste bottles

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Keeping germ free on the go doesn’t have to be wasteful

These hand sanitizers are perfect for purse, pocket, and backpack. And when those handy little bottles run out? Don’t throw them away! We have 16 oz refill plastic free refill bottles, to reduce waste and save your wallet. Made following CDC’s guidelines to neutralize harmful germs with an added herbal spin to ensure a non drying formula. Oat extract and organic aloe vera gel moisturize and protect your skin as you cleanse your hands throughout the day.  
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Scented with pure essential oils chosen for their anti-microbial properties. 

~Lemon & Lime: Invigorating notes of uplifting anti-microbial citrus.
Scented with pure essential oils of lemon, lime, & orange

~Bandits: A well known blend of oils (sometimes referred to as "thieves") that is famous for protecting people from the black plague during the 14th century's "Black Death" in Euorpe. If you aren't familiar with the story, here's a short read on the subject:
Scented with essential oils of lemon , cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, & rosemary.

~Lavender & tea tree: Calming earthy notes of lavender and antiviral tea tree.
Scented with pure essential oils of lavender & tea tree

~Unscented: Perfect for those sensitive to essential oils or those working in an environment with sensitive individuals.
No added essential oils