Your order plants a tree!

One tree planted for every order

Every day thousands of trees are cleared, destroying countless eco systems and habitats. 
When I started BE Herbal Care, I wanted to use it to make a positive impact instead of a negative one. Banishing plastic from product packaging was a start, operating off of 100% renewable energy was another one, but I wanted an impact that could grow with my business

I’ve partnered with One Tree Planted so that every purchase makes a difference. For every order no matter how small, I make a donation equaling one tree to One Tree Planted. 

To learn more about One Tree Planted’s mission or make a direct contribution, you can find them here:

Zero Waste is an ongoing journey, and I will continue to walk the path in home and business to making the least negative impact possible on our beautiful home planet.

      -Winter Spencer
      BE Herbal Care Products Founder