This is the second time I’ve purchased the Naturally Neuro cream and I will continue buying it as long as she makes it! I’ve had peripheral neuropathy for more than 10 years and have tried every topical and oral medication possible to help with the nerve pain but this is the only one I’ve tried that actually relieves pain and allows me to sleep at night.
The seller was super helpful and quick to answer questions and got my items shipped out very quickly. Highly recommend this product and seller.


This is my second time ordering this particular night cream, I absolutely love it--- and the sellers wonderful service and packaging! No plastic.. yay.


I am really loving this product. I was a little bit nervous about it at first, but I am a believer! I wanted something that didn't come in a huge plastic bottle. I've tried the shampoo and conditioner bars, and they work well, but sometimes it is just too much effort to have to work up a good lather. All I wanted was some affordable, environmentally friendly, liquid shampoo and conditioner. FOUND IT! The product is a little bit thinner than I'm used to, but I still love it. It leaves my hair very shiny and soft. Would 100% recommend.


Saved my lips! I was still using "blistex," it was my last chemical hold out and then suddenly it stopped working too. Nothing else has ever worked for my lips. After applying this lip balm a few times the first day I got it my lips felt hydrated again. By the next day my cracked lips were almost completely healed. By the following day, they were completely healed! It's really the perfect lip balm for such a dry climate like Colorado.


The only zero waste, all natural shampoo and conditioner that works on my hair! I've tried bars and they leave my fine, thick hair feeling very greasy and gross. I had almost lost hope when I found this listing. But it makes my hair feel just as fresh as it used to when I was inadvertently hurting it with chemical-filled plastic S&C. Not to mention how fresh my hair smells after! The seller was so nice to change the scent for me and personalize it to my requested rose water scent, with a hint of lavender! So thankful for this product <3 Will definitely be a new staple of mine.